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3rd District Forest

Who: Mulan, Open
What: Waking Up
When: Now
Where:  3rd District Forest
Rating: G to PG 

                Mulan rolled over, still mostly asleep.  Her bed seemed harder than it usually was. Almost as if she was sleeping on the ground... The sound of leaves rustling in the wind caught her ears, her dream fog mind barely registering the lack of the trickling sound from the inner garden stream. "Mmmm... must still be dreaming" she mumbled to herself and rolled over once more, curling into a more comfortable position. 
                It was then that a rather large bull frog, less than a foot away from her head, decided to make its self know. "Rrrrrrrrriiiiibit!" Came the loud croak. Mulan literally shot up, eye wide and startled. "Ayaaaaaaa! What was tha...a...a..." The young woman was unable to finish her sentence, as she now found herself staring up at the trunk of a very large redwood, mouth hanging agape. A mix a shock and sheer and utter terror graced her fine features as she continued to simply stare at her surrounding for the next few minutes. She was surrounded by trees. Very very tall trees. The thick foliage casted most of the ground bellow in complete shadow save for a few small patches of light here and there. Due to the lack of light, the amount of under brush was scarce, mostly consisting of plants that needed very little light and various mushrooms. 
                Finally managing to compose herself, Mulan quickly made sure that she wasn't stuck in some absurd dream with a quick hard pinch to her cheek. "Ouch! Nope... I'm not dreaming. But what is this place? Well... other than a forest of course." The young warrior walked over to one of the redwoods, standing tall and proud in it all it's glory.  Placing a hand on the tree, Mulan looked upon it with reverence and awe. "I've never seen trees such as this before... Am I even still in China?" Sudden fear gripped at the girl's heart as she came to the realization that she may no longer be within the confines of her home land.
                Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Mulan did the only thing she could think of.  "Ancestors... If you can hear me, please lend me you're strength, courage, and wisdom." After the quick prayer, she began look around the area, calling out for comrades just in case they had been transported with her. "Shang?! Yao?! Chien-Po?! Ling?! Mushu?! Cri-kee?! ... Anyone?!"

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