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Time to wake up, Goofy!

Who: Goofy, Open
What: Waking Up
When: Now
Where:  2nd District: Residential Area
Rating: G to PG 

Goofy was having a wonderful dream. He felt the warmth of the sun hitting his body and he also saw many lovely hula girls dancing just for him. He began to laugh to himself and blushed, hiding his eyes behind his gloved hands and he would peek ever so often at the smiling women.

He removed his hands from his eyes and he saw the woman still dancing, but they were stretching up tall and high. He blinked several times and that's when he woke up and saw that the dream had materialized into harsh reality. The once dancing hula girls had turned into tall trees along a small road.

Slowly he sat up and stared around the surroundings. Where was he and how did he get here? He was certainly more confused than ever. Goofy got to his feet and began to walk up the walkway of trees. There were random clusters of small cottages, but no signs of people as he could see.

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