Jack Frost/Santa Frost (king_of_chill) wrote in crackondisney,
Jack Frost/Santa Frost

[Garden of Seasons] 5th District

Who: Jack Frost, Scar Open
What: Waking Up
When: Now
Where: Garden of Seasons, 5th District
Rating: G – PG

Frost twitched his small tiny ears and squinting his eyes open became conscience. As he sat up, snow fell from his suit coat. That of course didn’t bother him at all, after all he WAS The Jack Frost. Snow at the moment was the least of his worries. What bothered him, actually was where he was. Gazing around he couldn’t find any familiar landmarks. No Polar Bears directioning traffic.. no village.. just a snow covered garden. He was highly preplexed at what the snow was even doing here. He didn’t remember making it snow here.. where ever here was. In fact he didn’t even remember even leaving Elfsberg Village for that matter.

“Where in Rudolph’s mama, am I?” the elf blurted aloud

As he stared around at all the dead citrus, the frozen water fountain, the fountain looked like someone had turned it on and the water was still frozen pointing upwards.
Looking up at the grey winter sky, he figured it wasn’t all that BAD, least for the moment. The nippy wind that bit at him, which in turn spread a smug grin across his face.
Utter silence, he kicked a pile of snow and did a high pitched laugh following it.
Tags: jack frost, scar
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