Shego (shegowithit) wrote in crackondisney,

2nd District Thieves Road

Who: Shego, open
Where: Thieves Road
When: Now
Why: She's waking up!
Rating: PG, PG 13ish~

Shego woke with a start. She looked around, feeling rather confused, and a bit dazed. "What the... did I get knocked out or something?" She stood and stumbled, grabbing her head. "Man.. I've got a headache..."

The place looked like a graded road, small brush and a few scattered plants littered it in random places. She could tell that it wasn't excactly a normal road. Normal roads didn't have swords sticking up along side them. Nor did they have signs with pictures of wanted criminals.

"This isn't Middleton..."
Tags: kuzco, shego
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Kuzco was asleep and still blissfully unaware that he was sleeping outside. His black hair covered his face and he snored gently. He hadn't heard Shego, he was a heavy sleeper.
Shego started walking, feeling rather aggravated now. she stopped, spotting something red on the road. "Hm?" Curious, she went over to look. "Dead guy?"
Kuzco rolled over and stirred from his sleep. He looked up and spotted a peasant looking at him and sat bolt upright. He looked shocked, then angry by the girls presence. His eyes widened with shock as he realized he wasn't in his palace. He convinced himself that he'd been kidnapped.

"H-hey you kidnapped me didn't you peasant?!"
Shego ignored the peasant comment, glaring at him viciously. "Don't flatter yourself, skinny."

She waved him off and started walking further down the road. "You wouldn't be worth the time."
Kuzco returned the glare and folded his arms. He stood up and dusted himself off, looking disgusted that he'd been left on a peasant street. He followed the girl up the road looking really cranky.

"I demand you tell me where I am peasant girl!"
“Quit calling me that before I fry you, little man!” she snapped, giving him a glare. “Besides, I have no idea where we are! I’m not a map, thank you very much!”
"Fine! I don't need you anyway" Kuzco snapped back "I'm a good navigator" of course as he turned to walk away from Shego he smacked himself straight into a wall.