Shego (shegowithit) wrote in crackondisney,

2nd District Thieves Road

Who: Shego, open
Where: Thieves Road
When: Now
Why: She's waking up!
Rating: PG, PG 13ish~

Shego woke with a start. She looked around, feeling rather confused, and a bit dazed. "What the... did I get knocked out or something?" She stood and stumbled, grabbing her head. "Man.. I've got a headache..."

The place looked like a graded road, small brush and a few scattered plants littered it in random places. She could tell that it wasn't excactly a normal road. Normal roads didn't have swords sticking up along side them. Nor did they have signs with pictures of wanted criminals.

"This isn't Middleton..."
Tags: kuzco, shego
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