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I have the feeling I'm not in Cali anymore. [ OPEN ]

Who: Oliver, Lilly, open.
Where: Castle Area.
When: Morning time.
Why: Tis his first visit, of course.

"Five more minutes, Mom." He muttered, tossing himself over onto the side of his-- wait. Oliver kept his eyes shut, feeling underneath his stomach. His cheek felt a little..cold. And somehow his pillow had disappeared. He felt around for it, then realized he was sleeping ontop of stone. Oliver's eyes opened quickly, but closed just as suddenly at the sudden rays of sunlight. He placed his hands over his eyes, sitting up against the cobblestone. Honestly, he hadn't remembered falling asleep. The last thing he remembered was being at the mall. Miley and Lily were arguing over whether or not Kyle's eyes were a green or a blue. And the last words he'd said were 'Ladies, ladies. Everyone knows his eyes are brown. Seriously. They just, lack the ability to kind of, pop, and-- wait, what am I SAYING.' Yeah, that was right. And then, they found this department store, and he'd waited outside for the girls to hurry up. AH yes, and then he had to go to the bathroom. ...And that was that. Slowly, Oliver peeked through the cracks in his fingers. For a few minutes, he was worried he'd fallen asleep on the beach, or the table or something- but nothing could have been more wrong. Letting his hands drop fully, Oliver's mouth slid open, and his eyes widened. "Um. Yeah. Miley, Lilly. This isn't funny. You can..heh. come out now." But there wasn't really anywhere to hide. Except the huge castle over his shoulder. Wait. Castle? Oliver jumped up, pointing at it with his mouth still in its 'O' shape. "Oh my GOD!" He shrieked. "Oh my GOD. They brought me to DISNEY LAND?" Oliver grinned, then nodded his head. "Great present you guys, but uh, it's...not my birthday." He laughed, placing his hands on his hips. "So, uh, okay, this isn't funny anymore.." Oliver looked over his shoulder, turning his head every which way.

No Miley.

No Lilly.

Just a very, very confused Oliver Oken.

Tags: lilly, oliver
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