Jadis (empresscharn) wrote in crackondisney,

Wake-Up Call

Who: Jadis and OPEN
What: Waking up.
When: Whenever you're ready
Where: Garden of Seasons
Rating: To be determined

The war chariot rumbled to an unplanned halt, the polar bears leading it roared, and the White Witch woke. Jadis gave her surroundings a wary once over and frowned deeply. It was not particularly that she disapproved of the wintry landscape that greeted her upon waking that concerned her, but the fact that she had been on her way to battle in a place very unlike this when she was last conscious. A cold wind ruffled the great lion's mane about her neck and her eyes, a poisonous green, narrowed.  Someone would pay and pay dearly for this.
Tags: jack frost, jadis
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